Artists of Clarkstown

This exhibit, Artists of Clarkstown, features some notable citizens of the town who have contributed to the local, national, and international art scenes. Clarkstown’s location in the lower Hudson Valley leaves the town rich in history and art. Artists involved in the Hudson River School movement could find themselves in the area, and would become an extension of New York City’s creative culture with the quietness of the country. Many of the urban transplants settled on South Mountain Road in New City, creating a haven for artistic expression. Whether they were native to Clarkstown, New York, or even the United States, these artists play an important role in the town’s local history.


A Study of Trap Rock

John Henry Hill, A Study of Trap Rock (Buttermilk Falls), 1863. Oil on canvas, 50.8x61cm. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


compiled, researched and written by Linnea Chesman with special thanks to Mark Waller of the Gallery Moderne in Piermont, NY for information and images on Ruth Reeves and Dorothy Deyrup