Albert Babb Insley (1842-1937)

"An artist must first have a prompting thought - an impelling inspiration that starts the whole painting procedure. As I felt at first I must do the best I can to make others feel!"
"... a true artist's individuality crops out often in delicate ways. My work has been called 'classic' by picture lovers - not because of mannerisms but general feelings."

Albert Babb Insley was a profound landscape artist living on Middletown Road in Nanuet. His paintings exemplified the Romanticism of the Hudson River School, highlighting scenes from all over the northeast, but specifically Rockland County. Insley had experience in painting, sketching, photography, and managing an art gallery. At home, Insley worked not only on his own paintings, but dedicated his time to teaching others. The Rockland Historical Society took interest in his work and featured some of the pieces in an exhibition dedicated to the artist.

Albert Babb Insley, The Old Lansing Blauvelt Homestead, 1889. Oil, 12”x19”.  
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