Martha Ryther (1896-1981)

"The child's time is precious, do not waste it. A child's taste is unspoiled, do not degrade it. Acquaint the child with the finest pictues, the loveliest music, the best poetry and the most beautiful and interesting forms and ideas in the world of art. The best is none too good."

Martha Ryther, another of the South Mountain Road artists, was an expert at the challenging medium of painting on glass. Studying at the Museum of Modern Art at a young age, Ryther was able to acquire the skill and patience leading to her remarkable pieces of artwork. Throughout her life she emphasized the importance of teaching children to practice and appreciate art in all its forms. Rockland Center for the Arts hosted an exhibit of her drawings and paintings in 1984. The artist lived and worked in her New City home for almost 65 years. 

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