South Mountain Road, New City

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South Mountain Road and Vicinity, 1941

In the 1920's Mary Mowbray Clarke bought a piece of property off South Mountain Road in New City, bordering on High Tor Mountain, a staple of the landscape of the neighborhood and Clarkstown as a whole. Soon, artists of different trades would move to South Mountain Road, bringing their talents to be shared with Clarkstown and Rockland County. The Mowbray-Clarke property was purchased in 2005 to protect both the historic and pure nature of the land. Many of the residents would complete their work in their New City homes, often influenced by their community. Maxwell Anderson's daughter, Hesper Anderson published a memoir about growing up in South Mountain Road community. Specialties of the residents include, but are not limited to, photography, sketching, painting, textiles, pottery, sculpting, glass, architecture, landscape design, theatrical design, illustration, cartooning, poetry, writing, playwriting, composing, acting, performing music, and singing. Below is a list of notable inhabitants of South Mountain Road.

  • Maxwell Anderson
  • A.S. Baylinson
  • Elizabeth Brewer
  • Milton Caniff
  • George Constant
  • Charles Ellis
  • John B. Flanagan
  • Sarah Freidman
  • Carroll French
  • Frank Ernest Hill
  • Will Hollingsworth
  • Morris Kantor
  • Bill Mauldin
  • John Mowbray-Clarke
  • Mary Mowbray-Clarke
  • Amy Murray
  • William O'Brian
  • Henry Varnum Poor
  • Ruth Reeves
  • Hugo Robus
  • Helena Rosse
  • Herman Rosse
  • Martha Ryther
  • John N. Sennott
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South Mountain Road, New City