Bull Run & beyond

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The Rockland County Messenger published in Haverstraw lauded the promotion of Blenker after Bull Run while acknowledging the heavy anti-war sentiments of the County.

While the Union Army was routed at the First Battle of Bull Run, Blenker's men who were not engaged in the Battle itself conducted themselves honorably providing cover and support for the retreating army.   As a result of these actions, Blenker was promoted to Brigadier General.

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Illustrated London News
December 14, 1861

Blenker and his men marched to Washington singing and carrying torches in honor of General George McClellan's appointment as commander of the Union forces.   This must have been an impressive display.  The correspondent from London indicated that it was the most impressive display he had seen since coming to the U.S.

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Engraving by Geo. Perine after a photograph by Mathew Brady


Here is a depiction of Blenker after his promotion to Brigadier General.

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1860 Election Results Rockland County

Lincoln was soundly defeated in the 1860 Presidential election in Rockland County, although he won the state and of course the election as a whole.

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1864 Election Results Rockland County

Even in 1864 Lincoln did not win the vote in Rockland as the County was a Democratic Party stronghold clinging to the ideals of the old Jeffersonian Democrats.