For the Rockland County Messenger
The following letter is from a member of the Seventh Regiment to a friend of his in this village


For the Rockland County Messenger.

The following letter is from a member of the Seventh Regiment to a friend of his in this village:

Camp Cameron, Mount Pleasant,
Washington, May 16, 1861

Friend C.: —l was one of a party of 18 0 that left New-York on Monday tbe 6th inst. tn " at 6p. m. We arrived in Philadelphia at ks> 11.30, and .stayed at tbe Continental that night We left the next day at 11.30 by >rk r *'' or P err 7 T 'lk, opposite Havre de Grace. We came from there by boat to Annapolis, 60 and thence by rail to Washington, via Annapolis Junction, arriving here at 10.30 p. m. m- The 13th of Brooklyn were at Annapolis. rw I saw a spy arrested there. At Annapolis i we were joined by a party of the Massachusetts Bth, and we had a first rate time in ua tbe cars. The New-York 6th were guarding is the road from Annapolis to Washington, ed It was a beautiful sight to see the Camp fires and tbe tents in the woods. We staved at the National Hotel in Washington, The next morning I went to the Capitol where °g the Zouaves were quartered, and saw a good as many of my friends. I also went to the 7lst's quarters at tho Navy Yard. In the afternoon we reported at the Camp for duty, j ® There was a dress parade at sp. m. and the ; ie regiment was reviewed by tbe Secretary of j en War (Cameron.) Since then I have spent j »d the time as foil >ws : " Reveille" sounds at I sunrise, when, after washing, we attend roll j call, and drill for one hour; breakfast at 7 j o'clock; drill again at 9; dinner at 12 m.; j drill at 2.30 p. m. ; parade at 5 ; supper at j 6.30.; "tattoo" at 10 p. m. when we get j is ready for bed; "taps" at 10.30, when all j n lights arc extinguished, and all noise ceases for the night. That is one day, the next is a repetition. f d When I first came here, we were quarterie ed in an old mansion with the engineer corps, )n (the Col. and Quartermaster have their quarters there,) and were verv much crowded. We were packed in a room like sardines in I rn a box. We expected a large arrival of rew cruits from New-York, and on Fridav during ! id a heavy rain, we pitched a large teut to ac)n commodate 100. , On Sunday, we had no drill. Inspection a at 9a.m. ; church at 10.30 ; dinner at 12 m. ; 10 church at 3.30 p. m. ; dress parade at 5 id o'clock. On Monday, we received an addiiC tion to our Company of 62 men, and as I had a great many friends in the squad, I have been very busy siuce attending to them. We removed to onr tent on Monday morning, and we now have 106 men in the tent, ir ' Since then wo have pitched another tent IS j larger.than this one, for a mess tent. It is n a beautiful sight to see the tents lighted up at night " Camp Cameron" is situated on a beautid ful spot, overlooking Washington. There 0 are other regiments encamped all around us. i s Tfifr 7th were the first here. We are on the road leading from Washington to Harper's Ferry and expect an attack at any mo- , ment The regiment were sworn in for 30 j i- days unless sooner discharged. The thirty ) |, days will be up on Sunday the 26th inst. j j and we expect to leave here for New-York ) on Monday. The Government has bought I our Camp equipage. was sworn 'I I the same as the regiment, and we will leave j iS | with them. I know there is a strong feeling j j in New-York against the regiment returning ; I £Tlinless they have a fight. Will yon please j j I t-11 us how we're going to have a fight ? M I We are in the scr-ice of the United States, j e j We have to obey the orders of the Govern- j n j ment. We cannot make the Southern ariuv i ' j come nnd attack us, and we cannot leave j ] here unless ordered. We can see a secession ; ] flag living at Alexandria, aud there is not a ! man in the regiment, but would volunteer I e to go and take it. But we cannot go with- ' n out orders. If ordered, we would leave for ! Harpers Ferry, or any other place t at ten J minutes notice, or less. And again, there is • a feeling against us, because we are only • • sworn in for one month, while other regi nients are in for three months. We h;ivc - nothing to do with that. That arrangement ' t was made by the Governor of New-York, - and the government of the United States. , a The Secretary of War wanted the 7th Regi. ment to guard the Capitol until other troops ■* arrive. They could not be sworn in for a , less term than 30 days. They conld have - gone back one week after they were sworn - in, if the Sectetary ef War had so ordered. - Bnt I will speak more of this hereafter, i ! The men are ready and willing to fight t s But Camp life, after the first week, is very 1 monotonous. I want you to answer this - immediately, and I will write von again. c ' Yours truly, T. A. McC. '


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The following letter is from a member of the Seventh Regiment to a friend of his in this village,” accessed January 24, 2022,