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For the Rockland County Messenger. WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE

FIRST LETTER FROM QUAKER SMITH. National Hotel, Jddc 23, 18021 Mr. Editor —Dear Sir:—We have just arrived here after quite * tedions journey. We left New-York on the 21st inst. as 1 soppose you know, and only armed here at 1 o'clock, p. M. We left at 7 o'eioek fcr Elizabeth, N. J. embarked in the ears lor Harrisburg, Penn. at 12 o'clock that night, arrived at Harrisburg on the 22d, at 7 o'eioek r. u. There we received ammunition for *ix romds apicce for two companies, in order to Ve prepared for Baltimore. Tkere was one Regiment from New Hampshire in company with us; they bad no amnronhfea, and requested to escort them through Baltimore, which we consented to do. We armed at Baltimore on the 23d, at 9 o'eioek, a. K there we were ordered to land, wbiefc order * was received with three hearty chem. After loading, we marched through Baltimore with one of oor companies, Co. A.'abead, then toe New Hampshire Regiment followed them; 1 1 then the 17th Regiment following — 1 The company that I belong too was in **»• rear as a rear guard. The rear and heed Companies were the enly oaes that were ■ loaded. But it waa unnecessary, for every , thing was quiet. Baltimore seeoas to W * coming ever on our side. Bit 00 oor r ® , through Penn. the people were very patriotic at all the places where we step; they gave us everything tbaf we could wish for, and . then wanted to dp more. The news here to day w, that » body of 1 40 000 rebels, i*re marching to attack the • capitol. Extra's are in eirealatioo with that news. Tour bumble servant is enjoying good health. We have very little sickness in the Regiment The Roekkasd County Beys are in good spirits, *nd doing welL We expect to bare an engagement or least leave here, inside of two weeks, oor j destination pot known, it cannot be too soon providing our regiment is in prop* o<mdh tion to enter the field. ; _ ! Remember me to my friends. I !>»*• hea» here sucfe a short time that I ofnaot gifW ' you the minute details, pefb*J)4 $ JRJ . I shall tetter inform you. . 5 **» Yours Respectfully,


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