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* Tie following letter written by the above named gentleman to one of oar citizens, will < be read with pleasure. We are happy to state that Mr. Yard has consented, at oar re-' < quest, to write us letter* in regard to the | Movements of the Regiment of which be is Chaplain, and our readers may expect to hear jfroai him again next week through the col! omos of City and Country : i Headquarters N. J. Volunteers, ) "Camp Ou>rx," TaxKTOx, N. J., June Iff, 1861 v J Dear BaoTuxa VooaHia—ln fulfilment of promise I send you a few lines. lam regularly installed as Chaplain of the lstßegioicnt J. Volunteers, and encamped with my parishioners, about three mile* from Trenton. I form one of the Staff of our Commander, Col. Montgomery, (an old army officer,) and have my tent, &e., like the rest. Our Encampment is formed of three several camps, each Regiment being complete in itself. We occupy in all a plain of 51 acres, embracing a piece of woods, and a wide plain for battalion drills. The tents of the officers are " wall tcntaj' or marquees—having straight or gable ends. Those of the soldiers are the 44 Sibley tents," circular, large and capable of accommodating 20 men each. These tents resist the heaviest rains and winds and can be closed tightly, or ventilated at pleasure. Each Regiment has its hospital tent, with warden, hospital steward, and dispensary. The soldiers sleep on straw beds h.id on the ground. I have secured three lai'gc camp-stools, which may be used at nig'tf, placed together, as a lounge or bedstead. On these I lay a narrow mattrass, and with my pillow, blankets and shawl, sleep as soundly and comfortably as any of you. In the day, I roll up my mattrass and bedding, and use tbe camp-tools fjr seats. Most of tbe officers are getting tbese. Each Company has ite own cook and mess. The captain and lientenants of each company form a separate mess. The field officers form another mess ; to the l.xtter I belong. The equipments of these troops are being given out rapidly,- and by another week we shall probably be on the march southward. These equipment# are precisely such as are supplied to the regular army of the United States, and consist of overcoat, dress-coat, blouse, dress pants, fatigue pants, shoes, cap, knapeack, haversack, canteen, Springfield musket and blanket. All bre made of the best material, and in the best manner. Our troops drill remarkably well. Tbe battalion drill every afternoon at 8 o'clock, and the evening dress parade, being tbe chief attractions to the thousands of visitors who crowd the camps. There is great respect paid, on the part of many of the officers and men, to the Sabbath, and to religious worsfftp. I discover a large proportion of Christians among officers and men. In one Company are about a doisen stndents of Rntger's College. In another two divinity students. Two of the field officers are prominent Presbyterians. We have divine service at 4 o'clock on Snnday, and hold a prayer meeting in the evening. These services are deeply impressive and solemn, soui.etimes very affecting. Our camp is kept in a pleasant little ex- 1 citement continual!}'by the arrival of parties from various parts of the State, who come laden generally with refreshments and solid comforts for their friends among the troops. . On one day the Companies from New Brunswick were entertained with a grand pic-nie, gotten up by a party from that city. On another day a citizen of Trenton treated the Trenton Company, Capt Vansickle, to ice cream. Many of tbe families of officers and men have visited the Encampment, not a few of whom take board in the vicinity or in the City, determined to see their friends fairly embarked. But I am making a "very lengthy letter, and will reserve other matter# for another letter. Yours, very affectionately, R. B. Yard, Chaplain Ist Reg. N. J. VoL The Pat and Pension of our Voltjn- , teers. —The following recapitulation affords useful information to volunteers and their ! families: — # 1. After being mustered into the service of the United States, volunteers are entitled to pay the same as regular troops. 2. If disabled by wounds received in service or disease contracted in service, tbey are entitled to an invalid during life, or as long as tbe disabilty continues. 3. If any are killed or die in the service of the United States, leaving a widow, she is entitled to what pay was due her husband, and a pension. If there is no widow, tbe child er children t>f such volunteers are entitled to the pay, and a pension until they "are sixteen years of age. 4. If tbers is no widow or ehild uuder sixteen years of age, the other heirs of decedent are entitled to the pay due the volunteer at the time of his death—no pension. At this time neither the volunteers nor any heir is entitled to* land warrants, bnt there is no doubt an act of Congress will be passed early in July printing one hundred land sixty acres to every volunteer who shall serve fourteen days or engage in battle and be honorably discharged—first to the widow, second to the children, third to the mother, fourth to the father ; and if all of tbe foregoing beira be dead, fifth, tbe brothers and j sisters of those who may se %grve and die without receiving a warrant—in like man- 1 per as the volunteers who served in Mexico . are now rewarded. Seamen aad others who 1 take prizes, and those performing meritori- 8 ons feats, will undoubtedly be awarded with the fruits ef their valor. Those patriotic • men and women who suffer from robbery in t the slave State*, under the name of confisca- 1 tion, will almost certainly be rewarded—ac- f cording to the Scripture rnle—four-fold from t the property of the rebels—all State eon- t fications being wholly illegal—and mere or- « ganued picacy will be punished, and Con- " gress will undoubtedly pass a proper and t! effectual act whereby the United States Court * will take from the unfaithful and unjust ste- n wards what property they jm ay have and give © it to the faithful and true servants. tj 5. In addition to what the volunteers and i heirs are entitled to and may become enti- e tied to from the United States, the several I States have passed and will pass sets grant tl jag pay from the State JVw&liry. -op


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